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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hb HAY-0050

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (VK)

Ke USN-0080

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (VK)
  • Steep slopes across channels 5,11 and 12 in autocorrelations.
  • 23:10 UT: Tsys steady at 200K in band 09 (RT).
  • 04:05 UT: Module in bank A swapped, not yet checked (RT).
  • 05:50 UT: Module in bank A checked, HOB+0108 (RT).

Yg BKG+0120

  • 18:30 UT - Experiment started OK (VK)
  • Steep slope across final channel in autocorrelations.
  • 02:40 UT: Network connection to Yarragadee failed (RT).
  • 03:08UT: Network restored. One router in the chain was not passing the packets through the VPN; rebooted router; problem solved. (Imogen)
  • 03:30 UT: Tsys has been low in band 11 for several hours at least (60 K) (RT).
  • End experiment - eRemoteCtrl continuously dropped out throughout expriment despite fixing router problem. Was not able to complete final checklist but added notes to log in pcfsyg. (Imogen)
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