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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • (20:36 UT, Lucia): Large clock drifts (delay differences) from the beginning. After several DBBC config/reboots, looks stable now. First good scan# 303-2028 @303/20:28
  • recording to module HOB+0105. 0 GB.
  • strong RFI in last two s-band channels
  • Deficit of ~120 GB due to late start (vk)
  • 304/02:28 UT - Delay difference has been drifting since around 01:30 UT. JMc says to keep an eye on it until it drops below -0.300 msec.
  • 03:19 UT - Halting schedule to reconfigure DBBC as delay difference has hit -0.330 msec.
  • 03:30 UT - Restarted missed scan: 304-0324
  • 04:00 UT - Halting schedule to reconfigure DBBC as delay difference is drifting.
  • 04:08 UT - Restarted. Missed scans: 304-0353,304-0407a


  • recording to module USN-0033. 0 GB
  • two dodgy chanels in DBBC and high Tsys. This is a known problem.
  • setup: couldn't snychronise times; restart DBBC


  • (20:27 UT, Lucia): persistent ERROR 2014.303.20:28:37.16?ERROR s5 -104 rfpcn: time-out, connection closed
  • (20:27 UT, Lucia): lost antenna control due to power failure. Lost scans between 19:29 and 19:48 UT (scan# 303-1940 and 303-1945)
  • recording to module USN-0178. 0 GB
  • troubles with Internet Connection to Yg while setting up (could not even ssh to). Yg people fixed that by rebooting the router (?).
  • More internet problems at about 09:09 UT lost connection and did not get it back until 10:21UT (could have been a lot sooner if I hadn't been holding out false hope that it might fix itself), guys rebooted the D-link

error for fringe check: not successful. Automatically selected source was not visible from Yg (antenna limits reached).

Qcode   % of Total   % of Correlated
          scans          scans
 5-9       92%           93%
  0         4%            4%
 B-H        2%            2%
Removed     1%

Qcodes 7-9 Correlated 92% Qcode N Not Correlated 0%



HOBART12 (Hb/H): Station experienced large clock drifts from start

               of session to 303-2028.
               Clock again drifted after approximately 303-0130, 
               continuing until DBBC reset at 304-0407.
               Low fringe amplitudes in channel SR6U, 
               leading to occasional 'G' codes.
               Channel SR6U removed from fringe fitting.

KATH12M (Ke/A): Ok. YARRA12M (Yg/Y): Ok.



Other comments: a clock break in clock rates reported by the correlator for HOBART12. The effect is visible only for the single band delays, no additional break were added to the station. A small clock break is on YARRA12M baselines at the X-band.

Session Statistics

Observations:     2104 scheduled 
                  2031 correlated (in database)
                  1853 recoverable (usable)
                  1783 used
Session fit:        36.421 ps

Station Performance

                         Number of Observations
                  Scheduled   Recoverable*        Used   % of scheduled
                                                            obs used
HOBART12                471           387          369        78.3%
KATH12M                 546           495          480        87.9%
YARRA12M                504           447          431        85.5%
---------------   ---------   -----------    ---------       ------
Station Total**        2104          1853         1783        84.7%
  • Recoverable: can be included in the solution.
  • * Total includes distinct observations only.
MISSED:    Station was scheduled, but it did not observe.
NOT CORR:  Station was scheduled but not correlated.
NOT USED:  Usable data was generated for this station,
           but the analyst rejected it all.
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