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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Disk VSN: USN-0027

Start pos: 1550 GB

  • Good pointing fit (Dave)
  • Signs of RFI in X-band channels 5 and 7 (Liza)
  • disk_pos is showing 50GB more (stable) (Liza)
  • rfpcn timeout problem persists, even after restarting both IFbox and rxmon (Liza)
  • 00:03UTC: restarted Rxmon (Liza)
  • ~02:00 UTC: restarted Rxmon and IFBox, didn't help with the rfpcn timeout problem (Liza)
  • 06:16UTC: S-band narrow-band Tsys are in range 100-180K (Liza)


Disk VSN: USN-0194

Start pos: 0 GB

  • Good pointing fit (Dave)
  • Voltage slightly low on Maser at 23.7 V. Brett is aware and says to keep an eye on it (Dave)
  • Very slow drift of the delay difference (gentle slope -7ns/day)


Disk VSN: UAO-0026

Start pos: 0 GB

  • Good pointing fit (Dave)
  • 06:47UTC: during the scan 120-0646b the telescope struck the Az limit. Rescued itself by switching to the other source (liza)
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