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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m:

Disk VSN: USN-0182

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

02:16 UT - Windstows. Halted schedule at 02:19UT for safety reasons (Imogen)

Consistent windstows all day. No good data from 02:16UT until 05:35UT (Imogen)

  • Windstowed from 07:15 UT till 9:37. Scans affected: 233-0717b to 233-0936 inclusive. (Ellen)
  • 08:05 UT - Cryo vacuum pressure 2.9 and 70K stage at 62 - keeping an eye on them. Disc pos ~30 GB AHEAD. (Ellen)
  • 09:23 UT - “ALARM: error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed”. I checked and the mk5a was running and there were no problems next scan. So I'm not sure what this was about. (Ellen)

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN: HAY-0017

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

  • 10:48 UT - “ WARNING: error st -27 computer acu time difference exceeded 0.25 seconds”. Scan 233-1048b affected. Delay difference was fine. Had to run fmset between scans. Halted schedule and missed half of scan 233-1051c. (Ellen)

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk VSN: USN-0039

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

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