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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Module: HOB+0114, start pos 12938.493 GB

* 18:45 UT - Experiment started late due to massive clock jump noticed in first few scans. First full scan is 337-1856 (Ross).


Module: ULVBI-29, start pos 0 GB

  • UT0735 DBBC crashed, and was reset. Affected scans 338-0731 through 338-0752b (JS)
  • UT0746 field system manually restarted (JS)
  • UT0749 Antenna control restored (JS)
  • UT0752 Onsource and tracking for scan 338-0752b (JS)
  • UT0754 disk_record manually started. 338-0754 scan NOT successful (SEE BELOW) (JS)
  • UT0815 system temps are high +150-200K (JS)
  • UT0816 there has been no pcfs activity for 15min I believe that after manual disk_record=on the recording continued but the telescope did not move according to the schedule. I have issued a schedule=r4716ke in the hopes that this fixes the issue at the cost of a further 5min of data (JS)
  • UT0829 Scan 338-0829 successful. It can be assumed that everything between this and 338-0731 is affected. (JS)
  • 12:09 UT - Wind monitor reporting speed of 1000 km/h and says the telescope is stowed. It is actually not stowed and from what I can tell, it is tracking and following the schedule as it should. Noted in the log. (Ellen)
  • 13:31 UT - DBBC computer restarted itself again and this took the drive computer offline and the telescope got stuck on the horizon. Bad/missed scans: 338-1330 to 338-1334. (Ellen)
  • 13:46 UT - And again DBBC crashed and took the drive computer offline and the antenna got stuck. Restarted everything. Bad/missed scans: 338-1347a and 338-1349. (Ellen)


Module: USN-0186, start pos 0 GB

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