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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Disk VSN: HOB+0055

Data Volume at Beginning: 6352.932 GB

  • Not enough volume remaining on HOB+0055 for this experiment - there will need to be an additional module put into the mk5 before experiment end
  • 1830 UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)
  • New module is loaded in the other bank, should spill over once full.
  • 15:00 UT ALARM about module being full. Changed over module with mk5=bank_set=inc. No further alarms (Lucas).
  • Unfortunately although there is a module in Hb, I only noticed at 18:00 UT that it was not recording to that module as it does not know it is there. It seems either the module has not been inserted correctly or that it is broken. No Hobart data recorded after 15:00 UT.


Disk VSN: WSRT-049

Data Volume at Beginning: 0GB

  • 1830 UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)
  • 0435 UT Telescope had a few issues with the drives here. I got it going once with the antenna=operate and antenna=open. However I dont think it went to source until scan 069-0509. It wasnt ringing an alarm the second time but the log said “antenna stuck”. Pretty much all data starting 04:35 to 05:00 is invalid. First scan should be 069-0509. (Arwin)
  • ALARM: error s5 -104 rfpcn: time-out, connection closed at 04:00 UT. Performed correction listed here and there were no further alarms (Lucas).


Disk VSN: HOB+0044

Data Volume at Beginning: 0GB

  • 1830 UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)
  • 0230 UT yg network was all clogged up. The webacam was hogging all the bandwidth, needed a reset. This was causing problem with the ntpq server getting its time properly which caused a higher than normal offset in the mk5=dot?. The schedule was halted between 2017.069.02:16:17 to 2017.069.03:03:49. Scans missed were 069-0216b to 069-0308b (not inclusive of the last one). If you run, it should pick this up automatically. (Arwin)
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