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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: HOB+0119/32000/ | Data volume at beginning: 32159.422 GB

  • 2018.192.18:00:00 Experiment started fine (Lucas).
  • 2018.192.20:00:22.63 Module changed over to HOB+0117/32000/ (start position 30676.4 GB)
    • First scan on module 192-2000 (Lucas)
  • Drove out to Mt P and pumped steel I mean helium. I initially thought pressure/temp were stable and/or falling but they took a turn upwards above 100K and so needed refilling. While pump was on waited for temp < 100K and once it was I turned pump off and drove back. During drove temperature has fallen to 80K (Lucas).
    • Also took out full module and inserted new 6000 GB module
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