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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

  • 11:05UT: ALARM: SX receiver parameter pres 5.1microns Hg (JR)
  • 11:10UT as above
  • 11:15UT as above
  • 11:20UT again.
  • 11:55UT Wind stow miss scans 0037 - 0040 (bryn)
  • 13:37UT Wind stow miss scans 0048 - 0051
  • 14:06UT Wind stow miss scans 0054 -
  • 00:09UT Resumed schedule, first scan no0128 (Ross)
  • 00:16UT The windstow script had got stuck after the previous windstow and wasn't recording the current speed, restarted script (Ross)
  • 00:20UT stowed until 00:36UT; first scan no0135 (Ross)
  • 00:53UT stowed for one minute (Ross)
  • 01:15UT stowed until 01:22UT; first scan no0142 (Ross)
  • 01:53UT stowed until 01:57UT; first scan no0145 (Ross)
  • 02:11UT stowed until 02:31UT; first scan no0150 (Ross)
  • 02:39UT stowed until 03:08UT; first scan no0154 (Ross)
  • 03:15UT stowed until 03:53UT; first scan no0160 (Ross)
  • 04:04UT stowed until 04:39UT; first scan no0167 (Ross)
  • 04:46UT stowed until 05:21UT; first scan no0171 (Ross)
  • 05:31UT stowed until 06:00UT;
  • 06:03UT stowed until 06:06UT; first scan no0177 (Patrick)
  • 06:35UT stowed until 06:36UT;
  • 06:37UT stowed until 06:43UT; (Patrick)
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