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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Modules: HART-015, start pos: 0 GB and HAY-0021/960/1024, start pos 0 GB.

  • 17:30UT - Experiment started ok. (Nick)
  • 0330-0445 - Problems with mk5ke, networking. HART-015 developed an error, all recordings failed with “XLRappend append error”. Problem persisted through reboot and power cycles, also present when using jive5ab. recover did not correct the problem. (JMc)
  • Experiment resumed at 0445 using mk5-2ke. /usr2/control/mk5ad.ctl edited to use this recorder, clkoff edited in t2111ke to use the correct counter. (JMc)
  • Experiment recorded across two modules in the two mk5 units (HART-015 and HAY-0021)
  • 05:06 UT - First good scan is 174-0455, scans missed/unusable 174-0331 through 174-0331 inclusive (Tiege)
  • 05:10 UT - Looking at the autocorellation spectra on pcfske shows that the x band channel 2 and s band channel 5 are messed up. Jamie seems to recall this being a problem inherent to the mk5-2ke (potential cabling issue). (Tiege)


Module: HOB-0008, start pos 0 GB

  • 17:30UT - Experiment started ok. (Nick)
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