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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: UVLBI-06/2400/1024 | Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

  • 1730 UT Experiment started okay (Jay)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: HART-032/1310/1024 | Data volume at beginning: 0.000 GB

  • 1740 UT Experiment started 10 min late. First good scan will be 085-1748 (Jay)

Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: HOB+0107/16000/1024 | Data volume at beginning: ~ 11.5 TB

  • 1730 UT Experiment started okay (Jay)
  • 1730 UT getting erroe for wth command- Problem connecting to metserver socket. (Jay)
  • 06:20UT - RXP command is broken for the 26m. It returns incorrect values in the field system. Need to use the receiver coordinate readout on the webcam instead. (Patrick)
  • 06:23UT - Receiver was configured in 'crossed' mode, not 'direct'. Fixed this as of scan 086-0629a. NOTE THIS IN THE end-of-experiment EMAIL (Patrick)
  • 06:30UT - clkoff & maserdelay commands not returning any data. Fixed by running clkoff & masedelay in the hb field system. (Patrick)
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