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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Reprogramming the DBBC

Sometimes the DBBC needs reprogramming because channels have been dropped or spectra look strange. To do this, preferable in a gap between scans, follow the following steps:

  1. Open a VNC connection to the DBBC. At Hobart, connect to
    Applications --> Auscope Hobar --> VNC -->dbbchb 
  2. You should see a window named DBBC2 Control DDC v104_2.exe. Close it and then restart it from the desktop. When prompted to reconfigure press “y”, it takes about 2 minutes.
  3. It is then necessary to make sure the DBBC is synchronised with the station PPS. After some time, in eremotectrl type:

    You should then see a row of LEDs on the DBBC flash in sync, once a second.

  4. Lastly, the Mark5 time needs synchronising. To do this, open a terminal on pcfshb and type

    In the interface, type S followed by y, then press the ESC key.

  5. In the oprin window on pcfshb, type

    and check that you see syncerr_eq_0 and FHG_on (or FHG_off). If you see something like syncerr_gt_3 then fmset may need to be run again.

  6. Also check that the maser-GPS and delay through the DBBC are the same (to within a microsec) with the maserdelay and clkoff commands which read the Agilent counters.
  7. If one or both counters are not responding to these commands, you will see an error message like this
    ERROR sp   -4 GPIB Device time-out on response c2

    To fix this, try re-setting the counters. In the oprin window, type


    and try the clkoff and maserdelay commands again.

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