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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Yarragadee has completed crds67

The log from experiment crds67 has been copied to Formatter (H-maser) leads GPS by 7.7013 microsec at 2013.246.16:35:38.03

Additional experiment notes: Recorded 1971.98 GB to module BKG+0107 using the Mark5B+ recorder. The Module is being sent to Washington using DHL.

Known problems: Delay differences drifted substantially during the afternoon. DBBC reset twice by Dave, and reconfigured by Claire. Data may have been lost. In total 17GB less recorded than expected.

Missed Scans: Possible rubbish scans 246-0446 through to 246-0551, and 246-0952. Many clock jumps proceded final reconf though all remained stable for some period.

Observers: Jacqui Howe, Dave Horsley, Claire Trenham

Regards, Claire

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