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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Observers Meeting 29.04.2015

Current issues:

  1. Hobart maser appears to fluctuate between 2 modes, around 4 ns apart. Ke maser does the same too, but there appears to be a drift/slope. Is this something new? Shall we do something about it? (Vasaant)
  2. Disk pos at Hobart still drifting for aug experiments: by the end of AUG018 it was ~0.5 TB short. R1 and R4 seem to be OK. (Vasaant)
  3. Someone's been scribbling on the observer's desk – please stop! (Vasaant)
  4. R4684 – late start. What went wrong? (Liza)
  5. Start messages are of paramount importance. How we tackle end-start messages when experiments are trailing each other? (Liza)

Parkes observations monitoring

  1. General instructions
  2. What to expect from Thursday tutorial
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