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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Observers meeting 12.05.2015

Agenda (add your issue!):

Hobart 26m:

  1. When observing with the 26m telescope, can you please NOT shut down the field system when finished. The cryo temperatures for the S/X are monitored using the field system and we lose valuable temp and pressure data when the field system is shut down. (Jim P.)
  2. Remote vacuuming (Jim P.)

Current issues/Aust Cont preparations:

  1. Book your experiments after 15.05: observers+on-call
  2. Parkes: note start/stop time of experiment in Parkes, not the same as AuScope.
  3. Hobart12: windstows – a reminder.
  4. AuScope: module swaps during experiment – possible problems.


  1. Swaps and giveaways.
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