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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope Operations Meeting - Wednesday August 19th


Alarm for cryomon for the 26m - Jim is currently updating the log monitor to include this

Comments section in the end of experiment checklist is too short, it keeps cutting off the comments. Jim to have a look at fixing

How is cryo pressure monitored when not observing? Imogen to ask Brett and Jim P, to find a possible solution to monitoring this.

The NASA and Russian Masers at Hobart are currently being compared to each other to check for clock breaks, after correlators report frequent clock breaks at all stations.

When setting up the 26m, people need to remember to edit the proc file to change the attenuation levels.

Jim is looking into setting up a new version of slogit just for the 26m

The Wiki still needs work, call for ideas on how to improve it, particularly archiving old information

LBA is coming up about the last week of September.

High tsys in S band at Yarragadee - Jamie is going to reconfigure the DBBC to see if that helps as it may be a dodgy COMO.

The roster is being done soon, so people need to update their availability for September.

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