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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope Observers Meeting September 16, 2015, 12pm

Jim is an apology as he is at Mt Pleasant testing the new receiver

Agenda: Current issues: - Yarragadee anemometer. The problem unit is now at Mt Pleasant for testing. Interim measure of local operator flicking a switch if the wind gets up - R4 schedules and Hobart26m - solved? - Ongoing investigation of n x 0.7ns clock jumps - We will probably continue with Hobart26 until the end of October, then back to the 12m - Upcoming LBA session - volunteer for shifts now or be scheduled!


-Yarragadee anemonitor - currently out of action, so keep checking the weather at Mingenew. Need to put a link to BOM on the observers page.

- R4 schedules for the Hobart 26m have been fixed. There was an error by the scheduler which has now been fixed (at least for the upcoming observation this Friday). Please check schedules in future…

-O'Hig sessions are about to start, be aware of set up and modules for this time. Imogen to put a module schedule on ops2.

-LBA schedule

Starts on day 267 (24th September)

Requests for Ke and Yg, need to work out disk logistics.

-Rosetta tracking - volunteers for shift?

-Need more observers? Jesse/Ellen going to ask Bryn again, but no other volunteers? What about Honours students?

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