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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Current issues

  1. New observers (+3), on-call people (+1)
  2. Meeting time OK? Thursday midday.
  3. Lounge.
  4. Rostering.
  5. Upcoming events (maser maintenance April 11 - May 16).
  6. 2nd and 4th R1 of every month is double the data rate, different Mk5 mode.
  7. Clock breaks
  8. DBBC delay in log monitor : fixed a bug
  9. AUA009
  10. Stowing at the end: don't forget :-)
  11. Ready, start and end of experiment emails: Read and edit before sending
  12. 26m:
    1. From Jim P: “We've made plans to replace the cold head on the S/X receiver - which is basically stuffed. It won't holdeth the coldeth without a vacuum pump for more than half a day now. The most likely cause is a helium leak. So the plan is to remove the S/X on Friday the 26th, replace the cold head with a refurbished one, and then put it back on March the 17th (yes it's a big job). If this is going to cause a problem, let us know ASAP.”
  13. More observations? Weekends?
  14. Lollies
  15. Q&A
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