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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

  1. Presence: Jesse, Ellen, Nick, Jamie, Lucia.
  2. where is everybody? - is there confusion about these meetings? observers meeting is every second thursday at 12pm. It is also in the calender, which you should be checking regularly anyways.
  3. missing log file r1729 for yg
  4. late start of experiments
  5. end of experiment messages
    • details & reason
    • automatic copying has character limits
  6. test observations: we are doing some test observations on the weekends. The idea is to record them to same modules as the R1. When setting up, please check the handover notes for information about modules. . Some of these test observations use a different DBBC mode. Please be sure that the right DBBC control program is running (the one on the windows time machine).
  7. full pcfshb: sometimes the pcfs fills up. Look in the wiki for a procedure to empty some disc space.
  8. Q&A
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