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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

1. Presence: Nick, Lucia, Jamie, Bryn, Ellen, Jim, Tiege, Jonathan

3. More information regarding the mk5=mode? (Arwin)

  • If it differs from the procedure file, definitely a problem
  • If differs from the wiki, check with on call
  • We need to have a page on the operations wiki outlining what the different mk5 modes in detail (Nick will go through this with Jim some time before the next meeting).

4. end of experiment messages AGAIN (make sure to check that the required information is included and correct, also update the observer wiki to outline what information to check).

5. If there's too many on source slewing errors - could be something wrong with the schedule, or antenna is broken in some way

  • try to work out how late it is (2 sec vs. 10 sec say).
  • if frequently happening for more than 10 seconds, call on call to turn caltsys off possibly
  • if not getting “source acquired” messages, then there's probably something wrong with antenna
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