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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Arwin/Bryn

Attendees: Lucas, Jonny, Bryn, Arwin, Ellen, Nick

Not Attending: Tiege, Liz, Ross, Jesse, Lucia, Jamie, Jim

General Issues:

  • Reminder for everyone to check the calendars carefully as we had a missed start shift this week.
  • aug024 Yg startup message had no temp/humidity – don't forget it needs to be entered manually! (Add this to the wiki)
  • Use schedule=<exp>,#<line_num> when recovering from a long halt rather than cont
  • Upcoming LBA (?) experiments v486i, v252bb, v493c
  • Ellen, Bryn and Arwin volunteer for the July the 2nd shift.

Issues taken from handover notes

  • Problems with mk5ke during the t2111 experiment. Problem persisted through reboot and power cycles, also present when using jive5ab. recover did not correct the problem. (persistent problem with the recorder at ke)
    1. Jamie's resposne “There were two problems with the Mark5 at Katherine. On Wednesday, the module that we were recording to became read-only, and all attempts to record to it failed with “XLRappend” errors. We didn't have a second module available in mk5ke, but there was a second empty module available in mk5-2ke. So, I changed the /usr2/control/mk5ad.ctl file to use mk5-2ke as the recorder for the remainder of the T2111 experiment - the mark5 problem this morning was caused by this. Mick had swapped modules and restarted the mark5 units so that we could use mk5ke for recording again, while mk5-2ke was conditioning another module. DIMino was not running on mk5-2ke, which lead to the mk5cn errors in the FS. I fixed it this morning by terminating the FS, editing /usr2/control/mk5ad.ctl to use mk5ke again, and restarting the FS.”
  • “Massive delay difference, clkoff was very high (order of e-01), mk5 was about 0.5s out of sync, but reported a sync error of 0. Counter and fmset didn't fix it so restarted the DBBC. That fixed the delay but then the field system crashed and had to be restarted.” AUG025, 14/06/2016. (Not a problem, was resolved.)
  • Yg disk_pos loosing ~10 gb every 2 hours. AUG025, 14/06/2016. (not sure why this was, escalate to Jamie)
    1. Jim's response “This may be an issue with the schedule being a little more optimistic on how much time is needed for pre-scan calibration (or similar), meaning recording always starts a little late. This is also a higher data rate experiment than our usual ones so you lose more data per unit time if things run late. I know that scheduling optimisation is something that Lucia, Davis et al have been working on for the AUG/AUA sessions. No doubt the logs will help them fine tune things some more.”
  • Any persistent issues with DBBC delays? r4743 09/06/2016 and r1743 07/06/2016. (No issues since)
  • The following two autocorrelations, are they okay? (Bands 1 and 14 at ke are dodgey, Jamie to fix. If these autocorrelations were persistent, DBBC reconfiguration would be required)

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