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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Tiege/Ellen

Attendees: Jonny, Ellen, Nick, Lucas, Lucia, Jim, Jamie, Bryn, Arwin,

Not Attending:

General Issues:

  • Progress of Hobart 12m receiver upgrade.
    1. Receiver fitted, however, bad weather is delaying testing, hopefully finished towards the end of the month.
  • Lots of emails going around about Yg elevation brake, anything observers need to worry about?
    1. Keep an eye on telescope moving correctly, not much we can do but get in touch with Yg staff.
  • Are the web cams all up and running properly again.
    1. Hobart 12m all sky currently broken still.
  • Down to 2 screens at Mt Pleasant for observing computer.
  • Missing log files
    1. Make sure that they have been uploaded when you send the end of experiment emails.
  • Yg humidity sensor is reading 0 constantly, Ke temperature in system monitor not working correctly.
  • To restore all desktop icons, open up Places (up the top), and then select Desktop.

Issues taken from handover notes

  • Don't stow the 26m after observations, can often require a manual reset requiring a trip to the Mt Pleasant.
    1. Stowing the dish turns the drives off, and they sometimes don't come back on easily.
  • Potentially eRemoteControl having some issues staying connected. (I see mention of this in handover notes)
    1. 26m eEemoteControl is crashing constantly.
    2. Katherine is also having some issues, often losing connection (~every 10 seconds).
    3. This could be being caused by general UTAS networking issues (does not explain 26m issues).
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