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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Ross

Attendees: Nick, Jamie, Liz, Jonny, Tiege, Ellen, Lucia, Jim, Jesse

Not Attending: Lucas, Arwin

General Issues:

  • New time?
    • Doodle poll
  • Hobart 26m wind stowing or being stowed after Jim's observations, requires a manual reset an a trip to Mt Pleasant.
    • Send to track to something else, e.g. South pole?
    • Don't stow antenna at end!
    • Tell Jim P not to stow antenna.
    • Go to antenna if windy??
  • Organising Modules; need a way of informing observers which module to use.
    • r1 come to Hobart, r4 go Washington from yg and ke. r1 and r4 not on same module.
    • Going to a different place, put on a different module (in general).
    • Warren puts module in, can he write on handover notes which experiment it's for.
  • Night-time observations (what is expected as an observer and what is safe?):
  • Lounge fit out
    • Speakers?
    • Do not disturb sign?

Issues taken from handover notes

  • eRemote Control freezing.
  • Recording to wrong modules; and recording to malfunctioning modules.

Action item

  • Discuss with Warren etc. about listing which module to record to.
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