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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Lucas/Jesse

In Attendance: Lucas, Jesse, Liz, Bryn, Nick, Lucia, Arwin, Jim, Jamie

Apologies: Ellen, Jonny,




Issues past fortnight:

  • RD1607: Receiver was stuck on L band. OTTER interface had crashed, needed J-Mac's help to restart the OTTER server and successfully communicate with the receiver again. Caltsys was giving error due to it being setup for the DBBC instead of the mark 4, J-Mac edited the .prc file (Arwin).
  • Happens (perhaps) if power failure/glitch. OTTER needs to be reset. sudo otter reset. In setup notes now.
  • Caltysys only knows about one backend.
  • Lots of RXMON errors. e.g ALARM: error s5 -104 rfpcn: time-out, connection closed.
  • Yg was being mucked around with, so this is not sinister.
    • Is this a problem? However the fix appears to be to restart RXMON on pcfs$s. Is this a critical error? (Tiege).

Other discussions:

  • additional Ho-Hb observations (Lucia)
    • 2gb/s + austral mode + wed/thurs after r1/sat after r4/monday before r1 (24hr)
    • special setup for 2gb/s
    • first one sept 7/9
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