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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Arwin/Arwin

In Attendance: Jim, Lucas, Tiege, Arwin, Nick, Ellen, and Jesse.

Apologies: Jonny, Lucia, Jamie

Absent: Liz



  • Handover notes: PLEASE UPDATE THESE AS SOON AS THINGS GO WRONG. If you leave it till the end of your shift, you will probably forget. For example if an experiment starts late for whatever reason DOCUMENT IT. Write up why it started late and which scans are missed and how much data was lost. This information should also be in the Start Message that you send - it isn't one or the other, you need to put it in both. What takes you 5 minutes to document at the time takes the finishing person 30 minutes when they are trying to figure out what went wrong.
  • HOB005 Issues, “Initially got nominal response from mk5=dot? So started schedule. Got error “ERROR tc -302 TPICD not set-up: no detectors selected”. After observer and on-call person attempted to fix, status went from bad to worse and errors concerning wrong mode selected in equip.ctl file started. And disk_record=off no longer worked as “Error m5 -900: Can't record with Mark-5B DOM”.
  • aug029, IF and V alarms, they are serious. Check the Video converter unit through the camera, if there a red lights try if3=alarm and vlarm commands. If problems still persist, need to be at Mt Pleasant to do a physical reset, contact Brett.
  • Observers should be at Mt Pleasant for 9am-5pm shifts during the week. On Fridays there is no one else there to receive deliveries and the other days, it's important to have someone watching out while Brett and/or Warren fix anything on the telescope in case of an emergency. If you can't go out to Mt Pleasant for your shift, tell Ellen so someone else can be rostered on.
  • mk5?=mode for aov011
  • FS at Ke becoming unresponsive but not triggering the watchdog.
  • Katherine DBBC
  • Dynamic Observing
  • RadioAstron at Yg tonight, Tuesday

Issues past fortnight:

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