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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Ellen

In Attendance: Ross, Lucia, Nick, Jonny, Jim, Jamie

Apologies: Tiege, Arwin, Liz, Bryn, Lucas, Jesse




General Issues

  • Please let me know your availability for Jan/Feb so that I can draft a roster next week. (No we won't be observing New Years day, don't worry about asking for that off…)
  • New maser at Hb now too - don't run the one on timehb as this will give you nothing useful
  • Air con doesn't work? sometimes?
  • Christmas party - Friday 23rd 12pm at the Metz (Ellen books)

Handover Notes

  • “ERRORdb -888 DBBC PPS error” - I noticed this while setting up Hb for R1769. (annoyingly) Jamie fixed it with “maserdelay” and “clkoff”. Someone else (Arwin?) reported this for Ke for R1768 - mentioned that they fixed it with reconfiguring DBBC although this did not work for me and Jim
    • All fixed now
  • ERROR 5k -602 SCAN_CHECK missing bytes is not zero - at Ho for RD1611. This is not good - Jamie did you figure out how to fix this/ what was causing it?
    • Looked to be just a problem with the module
  • DS338 - a few “error fl -1 previous source in this schedule not reached before new source was commanded” (not as many as before). Lucia, should we note all these instances, or just roughly how often they occur?
    • don't need to note all these, just general feedback
  • Mark 5 at Yg stopped responding immediately after trying to start test recording (THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF WHY WE DO THEM). Literally nothing worked, Jamie eventually determined the module was dodgy - even though it had just been used for the previous experiment. A quick search of the wiki told me this has happened twice and both times to me… Recording to another module is the only solution. Jamie, have you figured out what was wrong or what caused it?
  • Network problems - call Brett :)
  • Can now use ops8 for all start/ready/end messages
  • Weather at Yg almost fixed
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