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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting notes for the 19th May 2016


  • Good job with noting all of the wind stows and missed scans with the recent wild weather
  • Got the date for this entry wrong..

Chair/Presenting: Jonathan/Tiege

Attendees: Jonathan 8-), Arwin, Lucas, Byrn, Jim, Liz, Tiege, Jesse, Ross

Apologies: Jamie, Lucia, Ellen


  • Hb12 skycam stuck
    1. Jim to look at
  • A few notes of error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed. Suggested in past hand over notes that it can perhaps be safely ignored as nothing seems to be wrong?
    1. Can ignore safely once, but if it's reoccurring then most likely a Dimino issue
  • End of AOV009 had some issues with recovering from wind stows, receiving WARNING: error bo -211 when trying to recover manually.
    • Jim: In once case I looked into during AOV009 (starting 09:50 UT) it looks like the wind-stow recovery failed because the azimuth drives came up but not the elevation drives. The antenna moved to the correct azimuth but stayed in the elevation stow position. This was further confused/complicated by the wind stow being triggered again while in this state. Resetting the antenna drives manually seemed to fix this. For future reference, try this first to reset the drives:

      It should hopefully not be necessary to halt the schedule to do this. On Monday, I ran a test with the field system, bringing the telescope up from a powered-down state. The elevation drives failed to come up but the above sequence of commands got it going again. The elevation drives may need some attention…?

  1. Remember, HMI will tell you what's going on with the drives
  • Lots of onsource status is slewing errors?
  1. Only matters if it's meant to actually be on source (i.e. when it's recording, not during the pre-ob)
  • Issues this week with pcfshb and re-starting observations after reboot. (Jim, Lucas, Ross, Bryn, others?)
  1. gpib issues? Only thing not working after a reboot (via IPS)
  2. communication appears to lock up after a pcfs reboot
  3. Jim having a crack and fixing this
  • Does everyone understand how the PCFS software and eRemoteCtrl interact? (Jim)
  1. PCFS controls antenna, DBBC and mk5. eRemoteCtrl is an easy access interface that we use here (so we don't have to VNC in and look at the fs)
  2. Jim: Install mosh on pcfshb
  • Please DO NOT terminate the Field System on Hobart 26m at the end of an experiment! (Jim P)
  1. Noted.
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