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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair/Presenting: Arwin

In Attendance: Nick, Lucia, Jamie, Jonny, Bryn, Jesse, Ross

Apologies: Tiege, Liz, Lucas, Jim

General Issues

  • The observer on from 9-5, please check if the correct modules are loaded in for the night?
  • Meeting roster is still pretty much empty, fill it!

Issues from the logs

  • rd1702-ho26m-getting error qy -1 error in response from counter. Tried restarting with 'counter' command. No response when issuing clkoff and maserdelay commands. Called on-call (Warren), to attempt to fix (Bryn) and WARNING: error ib -4 gpib device time-out on response ca. Error likely related to previous, trying to reset with counter does nothing. Manual reset of GPIB device might be needed (had a similar issue to this a few months ago) Waiting until staff on site to fix. (Bryn) - Hardware failure, not critical if you can read the clkoff
  • r1777-hb12m- During scan 031-0938 the power for the media converter died. Required me to drive out to the telescope and call Brett who talked me through it. (JR) -solutions seems to be something that Brett needs to sort out as per his email.
  • aua016-yg12m- mk5 had crashed and needed a few power cycles before it came back online. Is there a better procedure for this? -kvm console
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