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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 13th April

Chair: Ross

Present: Jonny, Lucas, Arwin, Lucia, Jamie (God of AuScope), Tiege, Jesse

Apologies: Jim, Ellen, Liz


General Issues:

  • Jamie is the new Jim (at least for a few months). Direct questions to Jamie.
  • please do the handover notes carefully, in particular to a courtesy of your colleagues. Good to describe how much data missing, how late an experiment started etc. Say when something broke so we know along long it has been a problem.
  • May observing. We need the observers to step up. All important people away. All day shifts need to be done at Mt Pleasant so we can receive packages including modules; unbox and work out what is on module. We are also supposed to swap modules ready for next experiment. Arwin being trained up by Warren for when he is away for first two weeks of May and another week in late May. Brett to busy to provide much support.
  • Ross, Lucas, Tiege, Arwin and Jonny all available in May; maybe Liz?? Patrick and Mas may be trained up by then.
  • Check IVS master schedule in May; Hb and yg drop in and out that month (don't kill Brett).
  • Installation of new receiver in Hobart planned for June. Katherine and Yarragadee sometime early next year.
  • Need UT clock on ops8 or the wall.
  • MONEY!!! (potentially) any ideas? Need to spend what is budgeted, i.e. grand ideas.
  • Katherine and Yarragadee in alarms.
  • Issues sending log files; guy said they couldn't find log files then found them but they were zipped.
  • Arwin's thing: “t1 and “t2 to flag scans, lists times and scans.

Handover Issues:

  • Katherine pdfs had a flat CMOS battery on the motherboard; led to issues including no ssh connection, and incorrect time preventing synching – r1787; was only pinging from local network, pcfs needed an fscheck and then reboots of mk5. Time set correctly using hclock.
  • Key not turned on module at Hobart again – r4786; check during the day that module is ready.
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