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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 27th April

Chair: Liz

Present: Bryn, Jonny, Ross, Lucas, Jamie, Tiege,

Apologies: Lucia, Jim,

Absent: Jesse, Arwin,

General Issues:

  • We really need to make it compulsory/standard practice to do ALL setups as completely as possible during the day before the shift. Even if it's just the 12m for an r1/r4 and you think it will be fine…
    1. Going to say we need to do setup at 4pm (should not be people working on the telescopes at that time but still check, especially mk5)
  • Including a test to see if the drives themselves are working before pointing check.
    1. “1921m293” and “southpole” commands to check drives.
  • to query if there is a transfer running mk5=diskfile? will say what its doing - read as active if it is doing something or idle if not… Also, idea for a grand master plan to have some thing that tells everyone what is happing when….
  • Setup using vnc? Is it okay?
    1. Need to have access to the log monitor (critical element)for when the experiment is going. But maybe okay if just setup…
  • How do we spend the budget?
    1. Backroom shelves for sheets (Jonny to look for shelves) So we don't have to deal with gross sheets on the floor.
  • Is it too hard to put LBA shifts on the calendar once we know about them?
    1. If you get an email about it check the calendar and if the shifts are not on there please put them on for everyone…
  • New people!!!! Are currently being trained…
  • Speakers in backroom?
    1. Tiege sleeps through them.
    2. Can we echo them? More speakers? Baby monitor? Baby monitor would be good for academics during the day… Then you could not worry so much when you need to go somewhere too…?
    3. There is also sometimes a delay with sms.
  • We need to know what it is that our roles will be at mt pleasant while everyone is away. (Especially wrt modules changing, receiving etc.)
    1. Arwin and warren seem to be in charge. Get on top of what you need to do before you go out there.
    2. There should be at least one person around to be able to contact at all times if we get critically stuck… See schedules.
    3. Next week is the most alone… Only Brett.

Handover Issues:

  • What happened at Ke during 1788? Is it all okay now?
    1. This was ups issue that the ups didn't survive a power outage, so now replaced and shouldn't happen again. Ke is having a bad run of this… If it does it's really an onsite problem, but REALLY need to let people know!!
  • While ivsopar is having issues, slogit command can still be used but Jamie has changed where it links to, may consider changing so that the backup server is checked automatically if original can't be reached…
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