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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 31st August

Chair: Patrick

Present: Bryn, Ross, Jonny, Tiege

Apologies: Lucas, Jesse, Liz, Mas, Arwin

Absent: Jamie, Lucia, Warren, Ellen

General Issues:

Handover Issues:

  • Hb
    • R1806 - Dodgy module in mk5 rack was causing issues.
    • R1806 - Error in way autocorrelation script was being called caused mk5 errors.
  • Ho
    • AUA025 - DBBC issues at beginning of experiment.
      • To record just on Hb mk5, terminate both Ho and Hb fs then run Jamie's script.
      • Post-preob check displayed many errors.
    • RD1708 - Needed to restart field system. Had to run field system on ops8. Procedure file was wrong - not our fault. Using an older one always seems to work.
    • RD1708 - Module ran out of space - person on day shift checks modules are ready for following day. mk(4/v?) rack sometimes fails if 2 modules are in. Day shift should check disk space.
    • 20K consistently reports high temperatures. 70K occasionally reports one high measurement.
  • Yg
    • Humidity sensor still needs replacing
    • AUA025 - Proc file not on machine. Exp not on IVS so drudged manually, Jamie forgot to transfer final prc file.
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