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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 14th September

Chair: Mas

Present: Brynn, Ross, Elizabeth, Lucia, Jamie, Tiege

Apologies: Ellen, Jonny, Patrick, Lucas


General Issues:

  • Ellen will be doing the roster over the weekend, make sure your availability is up to date. If there are any problems/issues please talk to me :)
  • Since people seem to think that this job pays them to put their mobile number in the log monitor and wander off, from next month if you do not complete checklists every 2 hours you will be losing shifts. If you forget once or twice, or if something goes insanely wrong and half your shift is spent fixing it, you don't have to worry. Only people who continuously miss them should worry. No shift is too short that you don't have to do one.
  • In case you need reminding, there are only 3 more months left in this year. Next year Ellen won't be doing the rostering, so if you'd like this joy please step forward. (I can send you my trusty excel spreadsheet so you can see how I do it if you want.) -Tiege can probably do it

Handover Issues:

  • Odd log monitor issue during R1809. Log monitor (set up for KE) was incorrectly sounding the alarm for PCFS timeouts. This wasn't due to a large break in the schedule or any network issues. Just had to create a new ERC log and re-configure the log monitor using the newly created log file (thanks Jesse for the fix!) to fix it.

Hobart 26m

  1. aua026
    1. Maser has been synced but reports a syncerr_gt_3 which can not be corrected in fmset (maserdelay is from different maser)

(problem with clkoff)

  1. Mark 5B syncerr_gt_3 error
  2. issue with dbbc=pps_delay jumping around a bit

Katherine 12m

  1. r1808
    1. issue with field system time (hwclock -w as superuser) and cannot communicate with the gpib devices either (power outage, reset

fs, Brett tried to fix it)

  1. Problems with maser server and GPIB comms not working (GPIB-RS232 converter) -will take 1-2 weeks to get GPIB-RS232 converter, for the time being check for syncerr
  1. aua026
    1. overflowing Tsys measurements in all channels, and autocorrelation spectra looks very weird (need to power cycled DBBC,

reconfigured, and synched times to fix it)

Yarragadee 12m

  1. r1808
    1. Disk offset seems to be drifting quickly - for the time being no need to worry
  1. r4808
    1. mk5 timeout error- mk5 react slow, Jamie will check it
    2. ALARM:ERROR m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed
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