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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 28th September

Chair: Jonny

Present: Tiege, Liz, Patrick, Bryn, Jamie

Apologies: Ross, Arwin, Mas, Ellen, Lucia, Warren

Absent: Jesse

General Issues:

  1. Liz has shifts that she wants to swap (4/10 and 13/10). Have a chat to her if you're interested
  2. See Jamies email regarding Ho experiment setups
  3. End up upcoming R4, may be a small change in the schedule. May need to point the dish somewhere using source=az,el, will be an email forthcoming.

Handover Issues:

Katherine 12m

  1. r1811
    1. Issue: Random antenna communication issues (error st -998 reading systemclock)
      1. Fix: antenna=open. This followed with time difference errors which appear to have sorted themselves out after ~30seconds
  2. r1811, r4810
    1. Issue: pps_delay drift
      1. Fix: running fmset

Yarragadee 12m

  1. r4809
    1. Issue: Experiment started late because fs did not recognise module was in even though it was.
      1. Fix: Had to terminate and restart running fs (may have accidentally issued a command during module change over
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