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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Ross

Attended: Jonny, Katie, Mas, Simin, Lucas, Lucia, Jesse, Arwin, Tiege

Apologies: Bryn, Patrick, Jamie

Absent: Atifur

General Issues

  • Switch phone off during meeting.
  • Observer's duties - general remarks (Lucia)
    • Observers have responsibilities - this is a job we are paid to do. Take it seriously. If we are unsure call. Things have been automated, we can suggest improvements. Let Jamie and Lucia know if we have any suggested improvement and keep wiki up to date.
    • Check the checklists every 2 hours. Check things even if they are normally correct. Don't tick the box if you haven't checked it!
    • Hopefully we will enjoy it, we are important!
  • 26m current issues (Lucia)
    • Drive hydraulics broken at the moment. Fixed using washing machine parts. Check with Warren to see if the 26m is in the schedule.
  • Yarragadee current issues (Lucia)
    • Second bank in working mark 5 is broken. During day modules are conditioned. Check emails before setup to make sure you are not recording to a condition module.
  • Hobart 26m stuck during aua038:
    • Same alarm has multiple meanings; (1) set off at start of most scans on all antennas because of schedule, or (2) set off at start of each scan because antenna not working. Log monitor gave up sending the repeated error message due to schedule over sms before the fault occurred. Fault only detected during checklist some time after initial problem.
    • Check antenna is moving on 26m livepage (or system monitor) regularly if 'previous source in this schedule not reached' error message occurs!!
    • Should an additional alarm be added to detect if the antenna doesn't change (az,el) between scans?
  • Incorrect receiver selected for aov020:
    • Check rxp each checklist and look at the 26m livepage!!
    • This happened about 2-3 years ago too; did Jim make any changes to the log monitor or alarms to fix it?
    • Should an alarm or warning be added to ensure it doesn't get missed at the start of experiments in case (for example) the observer gets distracted by another issue?
      • Can't put checks in because observing occurs in X or L band.
    • Do we need better checklists? Are observers becoming too familiar with the checklists and checking things from memory then ticking all the boxes?
  • No module loaded at Katherine for aua038:
    • This had to be sorted out during the night shift. Should this be/have been checked during the day or evening shift so Ke people aren't/weren't woken up?
      • If it's something like the key not being turned, then Mick made a mistake so don't feel too bad waking him up. That said, better to check the disk is ready to go at 11pm instead of 4am. (edited by Tiege)
    • Has the light issue raised last time been fixed; difficult to check if there is physically a module in place or its vsn (see handover issues too)?
      • Plug in a usb light.
  • How does the Hobart 26m work these days?
    • Training on how we should be using the 26m now that it has switched over to the 12m backend.
    • Jamie will schedule a meeting sometime soon, should update documentation.
  • Can everyone make this meeting?
    • Probably okay.
  • Who is still observing?
    • Jonny and Jesse have stopped after this meeting for the short term. Ross is no longer observing during the first half of the week before Thursday at 5pm. Bryn no longer observing.
    • Jesse's shift on Thursday March 22nd at 11pm still needs to be covered.
    • Update availability by the 15th of the month.

Handover Issues

  • Modules with no vsn assigned at Katherine (r4830).
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