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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Atifur

Attended: Jamie, Lucia, Mas, Simin, Katie, Tiege, Lucas, Johnny, Patrick

Apologies: Ross

Absent: Arwin

Handover Issues

  • R4839:
    • Ke: Delay difference began drifting from 0.36 to 0.5 us (also reported in AUA042)
  • AOV022:
    • Ho26:

1. Previous source not reached before new source was commanded. (caused by the drives)

2. I have stowed Ho26 though everything apart from the 'Antenna Monitor' on desktop 6 of Newsmerd is not showing the correct elevation. Antenna monitor is updating however so I am inclined to believe it. (antenna monitor is trustworthy)

  • R1840:
    • Yg: Compared to Ke, Yg seems to have a fairly large drift in disk offset. Still only 12 GB in the last 6 hours, however, compared to less than 1 GB it seems significant (Same thing was seen in AOV022).

(Yg the scan is always shorter than expected⇒not a problem for this type of experiment with this level of drift. any larger ⇒ problem)

General Issues

  • Trip coming up to Katherine to fix some general issues. (such as checking the DBBC, fs etc.)
  • Regarding permission to write in AuScope calendar: Jamie will look into it.
  • Updated contact list: Lucia will look into it. Email her your number.
  • 26m Booking: Google calendar is the best option.
  • 26m pointing: almost done. Jim put in a new pointing model, should be good to an arcmin accuracy.
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