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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Lucas

Attended: Tiege, Jamie, Lucia, Atifur, Prad, Simin, Katie, Mas, Ross

Absent: Patrick, Jonny

General Issues

Yarragadee humidity sensor buggy? sometimes only reports 0.0 or 100.0.

  • replacement incoming
  • Hobart26m cooling and modules. Discuss.
    • Fridge unit needs replacement.
    • New 20K sensor
    • NASA maser broken - no backup for vremya maser.
  • LBA COMING UP NEXT WEEK. Everyone ready?
    • C and X multifeed receivers.
    • Plots newsmerd showing current state. Brett is the go-to here as per.

Observer on duty - little board.

IVS GM feedback - notes do get read!

  • AUM sessions in Aug/Sep.
    • 10 additional sessions
    • 12m new receiver and recording - new DBBC.
    • 10 hrs wrong in master sched.

Sound issue on ops8:

  • Monitor this

Handover Issues

Yarragadee got stuck after wind stow in R1849. No alarm. “field system stopped 11:55 (183) UT schedule not resumed until 05:25 (184) UT (Warren)” - field system crashed?

RD1805/RD1804 - Hobart pressure needed pumping.

CRF107 issues- rxp (resolved), module not put in.

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