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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Mas

Attended: Prad, Simin, Jesse, Katie, Tiege, Lucia, Jamie, Lucas, Artifur

Apologies: Ross, Patrick, Arwin

Absent: Jonny

Handover Issues

Katherine 12m:

  • Clock jump/delay drift, fs crash, need to reconfigure and restart the DBBC several times
  • The R1857 experiment was delayed due to wrong module. Need to check the module prior to avoid such an issue. Problem with internet connection and need to contact Mick to reset the power cycle.
  • Brett and Jamie will go to Katherine next week, so it will affect Jamie's duty on Tuesday morning. The Ke maser oscillating temperature need to be repaired. Katherine won't join some of the R experiment for next week.

Yarragadee 12m:

  • Problem with internet connection (unable to connect to VNC server). Had to call Yarragadee on call person to stow the dish and reset the internet connection (T2127).
  • If facing the internet connection and couldn't connect to Yg VPN and IPS website, call the Yg on call person.

Hobart 12m:

  • AUM experiment (AUM 007), the values like DBBC and PPS count quite different from the wiki values. Jamie need to look at the maser delay for Hobart.
  • There was a problem with flogit command during the AUM experiment for Hobart 12m (when the system try to cross check the procedure file, the script crash when it couldn't find the proc file). So before run the slogit command for AUM, we need to upload the empty proc file.
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