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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Ross

Attended: Jesse, Prad, Lim, Jay, Simin, Lucas, Earl, Tiege, Atifur, Jamie, Katie



General Issues

  • The X-band values of tsys show up as '$$$$$$' at Katherine due to issue with cal.
    • Restarting dbbc fixed this, appears to be benign. If it happens again may be an actual problem. Note anything like this!
  • Ross scheduled when in Sydney and Melbourne, Thursday/Friday at 5pm on 8th and 30th of November. Swap and/or take?
    • Mas on 5pm on Thursday 8th November, Lucas on the 30th?
    • Ross has Tiege's shift on December 11.
    • Prad has taken day-shifts.
  • 26m K-band astrometry schedule coming in alongside R1/4.
    • Jamie putting up notes for this.
  • Jamie on leave from December, Tiege and Lucas on call, also AuScope Facebook chat.
    • Warren also looking after stuff.

Handover Issues


  • R1865 - Large delay difference. clkoff command results in significantly different value. The Tac32 clock was found to be stuck and restarted.
    • Antenna was also stuck, maybe a power failure?? Maser at Katherine is reporting problems, problems with ke maser has come back, oscillating between low and high values. Need to go back and fix again most likely. May be causing problems with the other systems.
  • R1866 - Katherine delay offset drift at around 5pm ( similar to the old issue), restarting the DBBC software → re-syncing → fmset seemed to fix it. Remained stable after this.
    • Same time as usual, but fixed with a single re-sync.
  • R4866 - Katherine developed a large delay offset (~8 us). Simin you said the fix Tiege suggested didnt work? What fixed this?
    • Reconfiguring dbbc didn't work. Issue with gpib time-out error, “counter” fixed the problem, though sent out heaps of errors until maserdelay and clkoff typed.
    • Can go to camera and check counters are working, see if it is just gpib not working.
    • Typical maserdelay should be 7-8 us at Ke.


  • R4864 - maseryg vnc not connecting.
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