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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Katie

Attended: Mas, Jay, Lim Ross, Tiege, Jamie, Atifur, Lucas

Apologies: Prad, Jesse


General Issues

  • Jamie gone all Dec, most of Jan.

Handover Issues

r1867 : Katherine getting large delay - but can be fixed using using the 'counter' command or resetting the dbbc.

  • the counter might be misreading something. Could be linked to the gps clock has a problem or the power going off because it is the wet system. Maybe the ups holding up the counters need to be changed. Jamie will ask Mick next time he is down at the station.

ohg114 : Hobart

  • ifc and ifd were not on default values which lead to a 'error di -101 no default for if input' when 'setupsx' was entered during the setup. Fixed by copying values from previous ohg summary file to the current one.
    • Scheduling issue with Bonn because they hadn't updated their catalogs, but they have been informed. Shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  • Receiver cryogenic pressure high, vacuum pump started
    • Cryogenics should be working better for a while. L band receiver has been moved. So cooling just two receivers at the moment. Temp should be stable at about 65. Not fixed but under control.
  • No Tsys readings, reason unclear (JMc)
    • Seems like the noise diode isn't triggering…maybe broken cable.

r1868 : (Katherine) alarms going off for illegal state error and unable to read systemclock1. antenna=open antenna=operate fixed the issue. Happens if power has gone off, or emergency stop triggered. Going into the wet season we might see these more often.

ohg116: Katherine - Large difference between formatter and maserdelay.

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