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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Atifur

Attended: Earl, Momtaz, Lim, Mas, Jay,

Apologies: Simin, Katie,

Absent: Lucas, Ross, Patrick, Tiege

General Issues

* Hobart 26: Formatter to FS time 0.5s or greater. the Mk5 time should be synced to the real time and should be pretty close. shouldn't be more than a second.

* Yr12: Back to regular Mk5. mk5-2 died. back to mk5yg.
     * DBBC PCI 7200 card replaced. sync_error fixed. symptoms: pps_delay -2mill. to 2mill. restart or recongfig. didn't help.
* Jamie is away. Warren is on call.

Handover Issues

AOV029: Hb26:
  * Newsmerd went down. Manually changed receivers and tried to boot newsmerd on site without success. Stuck in a weird state. Live page not working, cannot access vdesk or bruce. Lucky was able to stow antenna remotely with field system on hobart after remote boot, but could not confirm successful stow until drive out. - hardware failure. mainboard died. fixed. functioning as before.
  * Started fs-mk5hb on pcfshb, still is running there. mk5hb required a reboot too. - did because of the newsmerd problem.
  * Scan 326-2208 missed after halting schedule - mistook the receiver p0sition as incorrect. - perhaps the display was displaying the wrong number. it was the right receiver in the end. 
R1869: Yg12:

  * Too many “mk5cn time out” errors restart mark5 recorder. - mk5104 mk5cn error. local network problem error. not seen since.
  03:47 DIMino crash? restart Dimino. related to the above problem. 
  OHG116: Ke12:
  * WARNING: error ib -402 gpib(enol) write handshake error, check instrument and cable, w1. -gpib communication protocol to calculate time delay between DBBC and maser. might be a little glitch with the protocol.

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