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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Meeting 11th January

Chair: Tiege

Present: Tiege, Jesse, Bryn, Jonny, Ross, Katie, Atifur, Mas, Patrick, Lucas, Jamie

Apologies: Lucia

Absent: Arwin

General Issues:

  • Hobart 26m cryo issues?
    • BAD, ongoing problems with helium leaking. Pressure dropping, needs Warren to top up very regularly. Brett should be coming back next week, hopefully, he can sort it out ASAP. 26m might be pulled out if problems persist or get worse.
    • Lack of automated wind-stow, make sure windstow script (“”) is running in home area.
  • Thunderstorms at Ke, check things are still running if you setup early.
    • Really annoying.
  • Katie?
    • Training shifts sometime this month
  • Sort out meeting roster for at least the next few months.
    • DONE
  • Update Feb availability by the 15th of Jan
    • PLEASE
  • No shifts for Jesse in Feb
  • No more changes using mk4 rack and mark5a, fs-mk5hb should be the default backend system. Email with details forthcoming. script drudjs all the stations.
  • All-sky cam at Ke still kill. website “” works well for predicting cloudcover, type in Katherine at the top, language changer is top-right.
    • Camera should be replaced during next visit.
  • Mick from Ke is away for two weeks. RIP. Contact Sam if you need someone onsite at Ke.

Issues in Handover Notes:

  • Current Yg mk5?
    • mk5-2yg is going offline, being cloned over the weekend, and then mk5yg will come back online. might be using mk5-2yg for a little while until mk5yg is up and running.
  • Couldn't VNC to maser at Yg
    • Jmaie will have a look at this.
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