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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Prad

next week's chair: Lucas

Attended: Simin, Lim, Mas, Jamie, Lucas, Tiege, Eloise, Becca



General Issues

  • Rostering duties - Lim taking up the job.
  • Fixing up the meetings' roster.
  • New observers - Eloise and Becca to get some training eventually.
  • Hobart erc - permissions issue? Jamie will have a look.
  • Observing calender for 2020 out. Mixed mode experiments part of regular observing eventually.
  • Hb12 and Ke could be used in VGOS sessions in a month. New training will be required.

Handover Issues

  • R4924
    • ERROR m5 -900 not whilst Recording in midob procedure, when mk5=bank_set? is called. Seems to be benign? (Patrick) [Hobart] - Benign but keep a lookout.
    • FS hung after trying to fix e-remote control issue. (JMc) [Hobart].
  • OHG123 - unexpected delays causing mk5 connection time out [ho26].
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