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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Attended: Everybody <3



General Issues

Handover Issues

  • Hobart 26m receiver temperature issues during aov019.
    • Cryo fix has been implemented (temporarily), this appeards to be redular issues with day-time temperature flucuations. Brett did some pumping to sort this out, monitor temps as required during shifts.
  • IF settings different for ho 26m with the mk5 backend. Check iread to see if power levels are attained
    • AOV018 AOV019: add documentation for nominal IF values, check power levels (iread as required during setup and observations)
  • No end of experiment checklist popped for r1826 ke and yg
    • just an omission from an edited schedule file. (jamie to double check)
  • ERROR sc -13 setcl formatter to FS time difference 0.5 seconds or greater appearing for ho and ke, sometimes even with fs amd mk5 times being in sync
    • FMset should fix this – remember to only do fmset between recordings (Jamie will look into it further)
  • clkoff and maserdelay should now be working on Ho with the mk5hb backend.
  • Clean the auscope room after your night shift, this is a professional work environment.
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