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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Tiege

Attended: Tiege, Katie, Earl, Simin, Mas, Lucas, Patrick, Momtaz, Jay, Prad

Apologies: Lim, Ross


General Issues

  • Please make sure you are carefully checking the roster for shifts, especially for months where I have noted odd experiments.
  • WTH command not working at Ke still
    • Seems related to power issues, computer that serves weather info is not coming up correctly post weather interruption.
      • pdu1ke or pdu2ke to potentially power cycle this machine.
  • Can someone edit the wiki with the pcfshb fs command that continually runs clkoffs every 30s.
    • In fs on pcfshb: clkoff@!,30s

Handover Issues


  • Katherine FS crashed (twice)
    • Just had to restart the fs
  • Ke: After reset systemp12 magically worked again too. Annoyingly inconsistent and unexplained (Lucas).
    • Make sure setupsx is run before systemp12, Jamie is looking in to this issue.
  • Ke: Zero values return in response to wth command(Simin).
    • See above
  • Ke: 2019.120.14:16:36.02?ERROR ib -402 GPIB(enol) write handshake error, CHECK instrument and cable, W1 (EARL)
    • One time error, perhaps related to the fs crashing and coming back up.
    • perhaps try counter command if running into GPIB issues.
  • Ke: 2019.120.14:49:21.10?ERROR tc -302 TPICD not set-up: no detectors selected. (EARL)


  • Ho: 1320 UT: e-remote control lost connection (unable to reconnect), antenna doesn't seem to respond. antenna= commands didn't work. (Lim)
    • antenna= commands do not work with the 26m, different operating software and the commands are not implemented. Jamie going to chat wit Lim.
  • Ho: 13:57 UT: terminated boss, restarted fs-mk5ho, did quick setup, valid scan 107-1405a. (missed scans: 07-1325b, 107-1338, 107-1342, 107-1348, 107-1351b) (Lim)
    • remember fs-mk5hb not fs-mk5ho!
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