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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Patrick

Attended: Warren, Gabor, Katie, Earl, Lucas, Mas, Prad, Lim, Momtaz, Ross, Tiege

Apologies: Simin


General Issues

  • LBA is coming up, 21st feb.
  • Ke, Yg will change to using flexbuf (vs. mk5) at some point this year
    • Can't do checks we currently do, until we update field system (Jamie should do this!)
  • Ke
    • field system loses antenna
      • Lucas says it is fixed
      • Keep an eye on it, Brett might have fixed it
  • Ho receiver got stuck changing to S/X, eventually fixed itself

Handover Issues


  • Ho S/X pressure too high, called Warren to reduced it


  • Ke field system lost connection to antenna
  • Yg autocorrelation looked okay on pcfs, but dodgy on webpage
    • Fixed a few hours into the experiment


  • Ho mk5hb shutdown because fan was loud - has killed them before
    • mk5hb has been cleaned, but still making noises - might be dying
  • Ke field system lost connection to antenna
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