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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Jonny

Attended: Ross, Katie, Mas, Simin, Patrick, Lucas, Jamie

Apologies: Arwin, Bryn, Lucia

Absent: Jesse, Atifur

General Issues

  • Wind stows: Remember to start the correct script on Ho26. Correct script is reads
  • Ke lights not working. Couldn't read module VSN. Idea: Light on a timer?
  • Ho26 drives have been getting stuck. Opening vdesk on newsmerd and typing abort <return> abort <return> clears the queue and recovers antenna.
  • Can now change Ho26 receiver via remote control. Display in control room is now live also. Looking into wind sensor.
  • Live pages for Ho26 and Cd not updating photo of antennas
  • Katie and Simin to be put on emailing list
  • Linux skype is kill. Log in through webpage instead.
  • Another LBA sesh in early March. Details from Simon forthcoming.

Handover Issues

  • Persistent from last meeting: Receiver pressure at Hobart 26m?
    • Keep and eye on pressure during hot days, may need to engage cryo pump.
    • Check cryotemp multiple times and take lowest value. There is a tendency for it to report higher values sometimes.
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