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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Simin

Attended: Mas, Ross, Jaime, Earl, Lim, Momtaz, Prad, Lucas, and Patrick

Apologies: Tiege

Absent: Katie, Jay

General Issues

  • Calendar is updated by Jaime.
  • Module capacity problem in ohg experiment. ohg experiments are becoming heavy experiments so bigger disks are needed.
  • Ho
    • clkoff & maserdelay commands. They should be working through mk5hb. Otherwise, there is a problem with procedure files.
    • Problem with connecting to metserver socket. It is fixed.
    • rxp command wasn't working. Jaime will look at it.
  • Ke and Yg
    • eRemote control problem. Maybe because of connection problem. Use the backup ones.
  • CRD and AUA experiments are using vex files so there is no autocorrelation by default. It should be added by hand.
  • Patrick has fixed computer buzzing noise.
  • AuScope leftover money. If you have any suggestions, please tell Jaime.

Handover Issues


  • Module capacity problem for Ho and Yg.
  • Ho
    • SX receiver pressure + temperature rising.
    • Dimino wasn't running in mk5hb.


  • Yg Disk position lagging considerably with a loss rate of approximately 12 GB/hr (Lucas). Lucas has mentioned that it is fixed.


  • Ho, Ke and Yg no autocorrelation spectra. checkmk5 procedure added to proc file (Warren).
  • Ho Problem connecting to metserver socket showed up just like in the last experiment (Prad).


  • Ho Stop recording mk5 and rebooting the system (Warren).
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