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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Momtaz

Attended: Earl, Mas, Lucas, Lim, Prad, Patrick,Tiege, Simin, Gabor, Katie, Ross

Apologies: Jay


General Issues

  • Please remember to send end and start message and log file.
  • FS crashed for a couple of experiments- David Hosley was looking into the problem and would be updated the Field System as well!

Handover Issues


Katherine 12m

  • Alarm scan check reports Mark5 data format problem (indicated by the letter “E” at the end of the line)(mas)-It appears only once, so keep on eye if it pops up again.


Yarragadee 12m

  • I encountered the error TPI Overflow.This froze up the pointing check, not letting it progress any further - Tiege managed to solve the problem by restarting and resyncing the DBBC software.


Hobart 26m

  • Schedule was put on halt because of bad wind condition. Will put it back on schedule when wind problem solves out?(Jay)-Lucas refer to the Newsmerd: winlog and winstow.


Yarragadee 12m

  • False wind stow alarm from log monitor(Warren)-Need to ask Warren as it appears only once.


Katherine 12m

  • Tsys negative values(~-200 to ~-100)? (Lim)- Need to ask Jamie for further instructions.
  • ALARM: error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed. Failed to open terminal from within the pcfs(Lim)-Need to ask Jamie for further instructions.
  • Can't open display in pcfske: “Client is not authorized to connect to Servergv”(Lim)- Check mk5
  • ALARM: error m5 -900 : not while recording or playing(Jay)- Jamie will look into this problem.

Yarragadee 12m

  • Received consistent error 'error being ignored: error sp -4 unrecognized name (not a function or procedure) after each scan'(mas)- Mas has already informed to Warren to look into this problem.
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