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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Tiege

Attended: Tiege, Ross, Lucas, Simin, Patrick, Katie, Mas, Momtaz, Jamie.

Apologies: Lim, Earl, Jay


General Issues

  • Need to fill out the meeting roster
  • New machine in AuScope room
    • replacement for ops4 - half setup currently, no ERC. Ops4 is no longer.
    • New display machine with times etc.
  • Hobart 26m 70k stage getting too warm despite cryogenics and vacuum pressure parameters being optimal (AOV036 and AUA053)
    • Supply pressure has been topped up - may be related to this
    • Keep and eye on it
  • New little script thing - 'logit' - can run logit in ke or yg pcfs machine and it will cut out some of the junk (especially at ke)
    • can be run via ssh from ops8.
    • there may be a way to do this through the field system software itself. Jamie is looking into it.
  • First test of the FLEXBUFF at Yg has happened, appears to be working OK. Need to determine a way to record to both mk5 and flexbuff.
    • Negative tsys values at Ke, currently have no cause identified. The issues with tsys values at Yg are related to the same DBBC communication issue responsible for the TPI overflow error.

Handover Issues

  • R1900
    • TPI overflow again with fivept at Yarragadee (Patrick)
      • Jamie is trying to track down the cause of this issue - appears to be an intermittent comms error. Hopefully answer soon.
  • R4899
    • Error “ probably no such disk” when running checkmk5 on the new disk at Yg (Tiege)
      • mk5=get_stats? pings each of 8 drives in the disk pack. Perhaps caused by disk packs with only 4 hard drives instead of 8.
    • I edited the alarm config file for the log monitor to beep for this error as wiki said it was safe to ignore (Tiege)
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