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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Jay

next week's chair: Lucas

Attended: katie, Lim, Patrick, Tiege, Simin, Earl, Jamie,



General Issues * internet connection issue was quite a big headache throughout all experiments for Yg. Brett is on it.

Handover Issues

  • R4902:
  • Yarragadee 12m:- Autocorrelation spectra does not look like an r4 spectra.tried resetting the dbbc, didn't help. Jamie will look into it.
  • R1903:
  • Yarragadee 12m:- ERROR un 111 Connection refused; ERROR s5 -23 rfpcn: error opening, rfpic probably not running. Fixed with restarting Rxmon.
  • CRF112:
  • Hobart 26m:- error - can't record while other data transfers. Had to reboot mk5. This was because of running external commands to halt the schedule. Note for the observer:- Windserver at hobart is reliable. Don't run external halt commands if is running.
  • T2133:
  • Yarragadee 12m:- DBBC delay jumped. Clocks are stable (-0.311 ns offset) and fmset is returning sensible values, but dbbc=pps_delay returns ~810168373. running fmset, and pps_sync, reconfiguring, rebooting didn't worked. reconfiguring again??? pci card is now replaced , that seems to solve this particular problem.
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