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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Chair: Lim

next week's chair: Patrick

Attended: Simin, Mas, Jay, Ross, Prad, Lucia, Katie

Apologies: Jamie


General Issues

  • Mk5 problem with Hobart 26m. DIMino crash.
  • Don't foret to send the logs and mention the problem if exists.
  • Send email regarding the meeting to Jamie.

Handover Issues



  • Large difference between formatter and maser delays. (solved)


Hobart 26m

  • First scan may have been affected because mk5 clocks required syncing (Prad).
  • mk5 crashed twice (Prad).
    • Mk5 issue happened again last night. (might be serious)
  • The module graphic magically turned from 28% free to 100% free as though the whole previous data was wiped off. Confirmed with 'DirList' on oper@mk5hb that this was not the case. Some strange ERC glitch? (Prad)
    • Swapped to HOB+0069 for remainder of OHG experiment.
    • DirList on HOB+1002 shows valid data up to 11 TB but the record pointer was been reset to 0.2 TB. Module swapped to avoid overwriting some as yet unexported data from CRD104. (JMc)
  • 1037UT 70K receiver getting too hot, gone out to MtP; pump was on when I got there and temperature is around 85K (Ross)


Hobart 26m

  • DIMino crashed on mk5hb halfway through scan no0008, needed to restart DIMino. Back OK for no0009 (Tiege)
    • Just the DIMino crashed. Happen during OHG120.
  • Frequent Wind stows


  • Mark5 crashed during disk transfer, Autocorrs were trash, iread was showing 0 for two IFs.
    • All issues were fixed by multiple power cycles of the mk5, along with restarting dbbc software and resyncing.
    • ntpq -np reports an offset to the GPS of -17ms, before power cycling the mk5 it was at around -150ms. (Tiege)
  • ntp gps delay 14 and offset 85 ms , DOT(data observe time) syncerr = 0 (Warren)
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